Urban Valley Logistics is a privately owned logistics company

Urban Valley Logistics is an asset-based freight management transport company with a full range of services in FTL (full loads), LTL (less-than-a load), Courier, Freight, Warehousing & Cross Docking Vancouver and Distribution in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Forward Never Straight

We have laboured to surpass our previous standards and performance, carving innovation into our culture along the way. We have always been on the forefront of operational advancements allowing us to exceed and evolve in the turbulent transport markets; thus, it is our trademark of versatility and endurance that brought our customers an experience of forward but never straight when achieving on time delivery.

All your Courier & Freight Needs

Our team of operational journeymen delivers years of experience in all aspects of reliable freight management in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. We help businesses of all sizes to control the chaos of freight management, from finding the most efficient rates for your load, to booking, dispatching, tracking and administration. We provide warehousing & cross docking services in Vancouver BC Canada. Urban Valley Logistics is an all inclusive stop for your transport needs.